Your body – sports

More and more is being understood about the benefits of sport not just for our physical health, but increasingly so for our emotional and mental well-being too.  Have you ever really regretted getting up and getting active?!

The range of sport and physical activity available at College is huge.  Whether you’re a team player or individual sportsman, big and powerful or light and agile, an avid competitor or there for the game, there should be something for you to try. Why not try something new this year, as well as develop your existing skills?


Recreational basketball happens on a Tuesday and Thursday in the sports centre in the summer term, with visiting coaches from local club, Bracknell Cobras.

It is a chance to try out a new sport, improve your skills and maybe even get selected for the school team. It is open to all with an interest in trying out something exciting and new.

Who is it open to? All years
Where does it take place? Sport centre
When does it happen? 4.30pm – 5.30pm
Who is in charge? Mr Wilson


Rackets is open to the whole school, and is open all the time. It is one of the most exciting, but also one of the most difficult sports in the World.

No one plays Rackets until age 13, and so Wellington is a great place to start. Similar in many ways to squash, and popular with cricketers and tennis players, this sport has traditionally attracted those most gifted sports people in the school. Current students have become national champions and two OW’S have gone on to become World Champions.

Who is it open to? All years
Where does it take place? Rackets court
When does it happen? All the time
Who is in charge? Mr Tulley (twitter @wcracketsclub)


For those wanting to play squash socially, we offer sessions on a Monday and Friday afternoon from 4.35pm – 5.30pm.

Please make sure you wear goggles and correct kit. There is professional coaching available for those who express an interest.

Who is it open to? All years
Where does it take place? Squash courts
When does it happen? Monday & Friday 4.35pm – 5.30pm
Who is in charge? Mr Meads

Real Tennis

Real Tennis is the latest rackets sport at Wellington College and is proving to be very popular and exciting sport to play and learn.

Real Tennis is available to all students during sports in the afternoon. We have regular fixtures against other schools and colleges plus national tournaments throughout the season.  If you would like to register, please visit the club and we will find a suitable time to introduce you to the game of Real Tennis.

Real tennis is also available to teachers, parents and friends. If you would like to find out more or experience the game first hand please contact Mr Roundell on or Danny Jones on for more information.

Who is it open to? All years
Where does it take place? Real Tennis court
When does it happen? During sports in the afternoons
Who is in charge? Mr Roundell and Danny Jones


Tennis is a very busy summer term sport with over 20 teams representing the college, with a full fixture list.

Throughout the two winter terms, we are proud to offer professional coaching both 1:1 and to groups. Head Coach Chris Hearn is in almost every day coaching pupils in their spare time. He has recently won the World Over 50’s Mixed Doubles Championships. Details on how to get involved are on the intranet.

Who is it open to? All years
Where does it take place? Tennis Courts
When does it happen? Winter terms (in free time).  Summer term (as a sport and free time)
Who is in charge? Mr Tulley (twitter @wellytennis)


The Wellington College Sailing Club (WCSC) prides itself on being a fully co-educational club at Wellington for all year groups.

We sail at Horseshoe Lake, which is around 10 minutes from Wellington. Sailing is a summer term sports option, although if you would like to combine it with another sport then please get in touch. Places are limited due to number of boats – initial sign up is at the college carnival in September and also by invitation. If you missed the sign up at the college carnival then just send an email to Mr Peat. We welcome interest from all year groups and abilities, although experienced sailors are particularly encouraged to put themselves forward. Interviews for those newly interested in sailing will happen in the second half of the Lent term. These will involve an assessment of your prior sailing experience and of your reasons for wishing to join the club. Please contact Mr Peat at if you have any questions.

Who is it open to? All years (although places are limited)
Where does it take place? Horseshoe Lake
When does it happen? Tuesdays/Thursday/Saturdays in the Summer term (summer sports option)
Who is in charge? Mr Foyle


Fencing currently takes place either in Cherry court studio above the sports centre café or in Waterloo Hall.

We have many matches throughout Michaelmas and Lent Terms against other schools including, Winchester, Eton and Marlborough with the season ending with Public Schools Fencing championships in March at Crystal Palace.

Training takes place throughout the afternoon on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays, and is open to all pupils. For further information contact Mr North (

Who is it open to? All years
Where does it take place? Robin Dyer Centre
When does it happen? Timetabled sport sessions

Running Club

Cross country now runs throughout the year, with the majority of its fixtures in the Lent term. Growing interest amongst both boys and girls of all standards has seen the cross country team more than double in numbers in the past year.

Running Club

The running club takes place across all three of the school terms, with the majority of fixtures in the Lent Term. The club is for everyone – those who are keen runners and want to improve their speed and fitness and compete for the College and those who have never run before and would just like to be able to be fitter and enjoy the outdoors.  Why not join the early morning run before breakfast on Tuesdays for a taster?

Who is it open to? All years
Where does it take place? North Front (under the clock tower)
When does it happen? Tuesdays & Thursday 2.30pm.  Saturdays 1.30pm
Who is in charge? Mrs Lynch

Ski Racing

Ski Racing is open to all students of all age groups, who are interested in developing their ski race skills and wish to represent the school in this challenging and exciting sport.

The teams will be selected from these sessions. The race training takes place at Alpine Snowsports in Aldershot, and there is an additional charge for each session including all equipment and experienced professional race coaches. The races that are open to pupils are prestigious British Schoolgirls Races and the British Schoolboys Races, both of which are held at the end of January.  Please contact Mr Dushy Clarke for further details.

Please note; your timetable sport option ordinarily takes priority. Please consult with Mr Clarke and the sports department if you are interested in ski-racing.

Who is it open to? All years (upon selection)
Where does it take place? Alpine Snowsports, Aldershot
When does it happen? Tuesday 2.30pm – 6.30pm
Who is in charge? Mr Clarke

Get Started!

If you have any questions about the information below please contact the named staff in charge or contact Mr Kirkham on Similarly, if you wish to adapt or create a club yourself email or chat to Mr Kirkham. We warmly welcome pupil led activities and will support you in any way we can.