Your humanity   – helping others

Charity lies at our very foundation.

Wellington College was established in the memory of the Great Duke to educate the orphans of officers, and to emulate his noble achievements and service to the nation.  Service to others is at our very core;  how will you contribute to the greater good?

Building Futures

Building Futures is a charitable project set up to support and encourage education and learn about cultures in less economically developed regions of the world.

We are looking for enthusiastic people who aren’t afraid of challenges. Two projects are currently set up in Nepal. One project for women involves paying for trainers to come and teach them how to knit and make crafts that can be sold to make a profit to pay for their own academic education. Also, two schools have been supported by Wellington funds in the past, sponsoring students, teachers, and curriculum needs.

Students have made cultural exchange visits to both schools. Involved students are passionate, responsible, creative, prepared to be involved in fundraising, and willing to commit to provide and develop an on-going, sustainable support program.

Who is it open to? Anyone
Where does it take place? Venue for meetings are confirmed when needed
When does it happen? Meetings are arranged when needed
Who is in charge? Tatty Brill, Lola Oates, Poppy James

Equity and Inclusion

Equity and Inclusion is a discussion-based group considering how individuals relate to each other.

Week A


Our theme this half term is ‘Queer Eye on the World’ – we’ll watch the show Queer Eye and discuss its ideas about sexuality, religion, prejudice and kindness.

 Week B



Our theme this half term is ‘We Should All Be Feminists’ – based on the Ted Talk and this little book by Chimamanda Ngoze Adichie.

Who is it open to? Anyone
Where does it take place? Sebastian Faulkes Building, E6
When does it happen? Tuesday 5-6pm
Who is in charge? Mrs Brown


Wellington College Peace and Conflict Institute

We combined an interactive course taught by dedicated teachers on the history, politics, philosophy and psychology of conflict. We ran field trips to Belfast, Bosnia and Rwanda, places whose populations have all endured civil violence in recent years.

The programme continues in 2018 – 19 with a proposed trip to Bosnia in March/April 2019, and a return trip to Rwanda in the diary for October 2019.

* We learn about the personal, social, historical and political backgrounds of historical civil/political conflicts (e.g. Northern Ireland, Israel/Palestine, Bosnia, Rwanda)

* We will get involved in practical service activities in post-conflict communities that help us to develop our understanding of how individual prejudice and cognitive biases is related to inter-group conflicts, war and genocide.

* We regularly visit post-conflict communities (e.g. Northern Ireland, Bosnia, Rwanda) to undertake field-studies of conflict resolution, reconciliation and positive peace strategies (e.g. education programmes) that have grown out of extreme conflict situations;

* We work collaboratively with other local schools and other community groups to raise awareness at Wellington and in the local community that extreme conflict situations can develop at any time in any place;

* We look at practical ways of building peaceful relations with our neighbours (e.g. the refugee support programme);

* We work to find ways of engaging compassionately and practically with people whose circumstances and backgrounds are very different from our own.

Who is WCPCI for? – Any student interested in Politics, International relations and Diplomacy, Philosophy, ethics and the psychology of human relationships.

WCPCI trips are open to Lower and Upper 6th students; 5th formers who wish to participate in the October 2019 Rwanda trip may join WCPCI in academic year 2018-19.

When do we meet? – Wednesday afternoons from 3 – 4.30pm, plus occasional evenings

Get Started!

If you have any questions about the information below please contact the named staff in charge or contact Mr Kirkham on Similarly, if you wish to adapt or create a club yourself email or chat to Mr Kirkham. We warmly welcome pupil led activities and will support you in any way we can.