The Enrichment offering at Wellington is there for you, the pupils, to make the very most of the time you spend here.  The activities on offer let every individual pupil choose how to broaden and deepen your experiences outside the classroom.  We want to inspire pupils to seek, pursue and create opportunities for themselves and others, discovering passions that you might not even know you had!

Activities are available through a wide selection of clubs and societies, be they music, drama, dance, academic societies or other recreational clubs.  Some physical activities, like judo or climbing,  can also available as a club, rather than through timetabled sport.

Enrichment also contributes to the Global Citizenship program on Wednesday afternoons, with 3rd form pupils spending 4 afternoons on a physical activity and 4 on a non-physical activity, while 5th and L6th pupils can choose an activity that allows them to explore the 8 Global Citizenship Competencies.

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If your time at Wellington is a Journey to Self,  then the Enrichment opportunities are what let you determine how you get there.  This site is for everyone at Wellington to highlight what you can do outside the classroom, and to inspire you to exploit every opportunity to the max!  Some activities will excite you, others might scare you – but they’ll all give you something a little bit different.  With so much on, FOMO just isn’t an option!

By browsing around the site you should find details of what activity is available when, where, and who runs it.  You might choose to pursue an interest you already have and develop those existing skills and knowledge, or share them with other pupils.  But be brave too!  Why not broaden your experience with something completely new?  It might become your life’s burning passion!

Legendary innovators like Franklin, Snow and Darwin all possess some common intellectual qualities – a certain quickness of mind, unbounded curiosity – but they also share one other defining attribute.  They have a lot of hobbies.  

Steven Johnson

What’s your opportunity?

Your Mind

Mental challenge, interest and intrigue.

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Expression &


Drama, dance and media.

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Spirit of Adventure

Looking for a challenge?

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Your Body

Sports and athletic activities.

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Your Musicality

Musical ensembles and groups.

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Your Soul

Spiritual and religious activities.

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If you have any questions about the information below please contact the named staff in charge or contact Mr Kirkham on sjk@wellingtoncollege.org.uk. Similarly, if you wish to adapt or create a club yourself email or chat to Mr Kirkham. We warmly welcome pupil led activities and will support you in any way we can.